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Happy Wheels Demo

Happy Wheels Demo

Happy Wheels Come into different versions but before that they launch its demo version.So play Happy Wheels Demo version and try to balance chair otherwise blood will split all over the place.Happy Wheels come up with different variation for its online user so they will get an extremely unique experience in adjusting old man on the chair other wise blood will split all around. This game give you real chance to save the health of this old man and help him to reach final destination otherwise he will loose his blood and fracture bone cause him paralyze for his whole life

Some Instructions to Play Happy Wheels

Controls :

You control this old man with the help of primary keys. You will find through out this game four arrows the control key, shift bar,space bar and the letter Z. The space bar is

for special ability,with the help right keyboard key you help him lean right or go over,the left key is to lean backwards or left, up key is to move ahead and down is to move backwards.So You need to bear in mind what is best angle to adjust seat of this man

Control your wheeled vehicle with arrow keys.
– Z = Z key is used to Eject
– SPACE = With the help of Space he will perform Primary Action
– Shift & Control = Now this combo helps for Secondary actions